Seven tips for decorating your sacred meditation corner at home!

Seven tips for decorating your sacred meditation corner at home!


1. Crystals are a must

Crystals have amazing healing properties, that can capture and vibrate sacred spiritual energy. Our ancestors have used the healing powder of crystals for thousands of years. As the world of wellness continues to thrive, so too does interest in this ancient healing technique. There are many different types of healing crystals each with a different, size, energy and healing powers.

rosemary for decorating your at home meditation space is key2. Fresh herbs carry magic

I’m obsessed with Rosemary and as it turns out Rosemary’s scent is medicinal, it can help improve memory! Which makes it an ideal natural scent for meditation. But I would encourage you to use the herbal scent that you are most naturally drawn to! You could try Mint, Cilantro, Thyme, or any herbal scent that conjures calm in your mind.

white sage for smudging and meditation at home

3. Californian white sage cleanses bad vibes away

Burning Sage is known as the practice of smudging. It is an ancient practice that clears your home of spiritual impurities, lingering bad vibes and any old spirits needing to move on. Plus the smell of burning sage is honestly so calming, i have incorporated it as a daily ritual at the beginning of my meditation practice. 

sea shell for decorating your home mediation alter

4. A seashell represents the element of water

I have a seashell on my mediation alter to remind me of the ocean. Water is known in all mediation practices to be calming beyond measure. Water symbolizes constant movement in our thoughts, but slow and steady, swirling inside each of us and holding mysteries.

folding up your favorite blanket as a floor pillow for daily meditation

5. Use a favorite blanket as a floor pillow

I have this old quilt that I got about 20 years ago on a trip to India, and it has so much meaning for me. It’s the perfect comforting touch to make my meditation corner feel sacred. I love folding up my quilt into four and turning it into a comfy floor pillow. I leave it there, folded in place so it entices me daily to sit on it and meditate.mala prayer beads are the ultimate at home prayer shrine table accessory

6. Mala prayer beads allow you to practice your mantras

So I actually made my own rose quartz and moonstone mala when I was getting married, so I have this on my prayer alter, but there are some many wonderful Mala artists out there on Etsy making the most divine Mala prayer beads, some wooden, some crystal, some mixed, the choices are many! They bring an abundance of power to your daily meditation practice, which dates way back to ancient times. Traditionally 108 mala beads were used to count mantras. These mantras you speak to yourself silently that allow you to connect Mother nature and the divine universe. Mantras in my book are little wishes, little prayers of hope, healing and good vibes you wish for yourself, and your loved ones.

fresh flowers are the perfect prayer shine decoration

7. A fresh flower or flowers can represent the earth element

Typically I like to have one or several flowers on my prayer alter, whatever I have in the garden that is in season, and speaking to me that particular morning. Flowers symbolize the abundant beauty of mother earth, and can help connect your meditation practice to a practice that honors beauty all around us. Flowers symbolize love, hope and healing.