What's the difference between BB creams and CC creams and how do I choose the right product?

What's the difference between BB creams and CC creams and how do I choose the right product?

It can be really confusing choosing the right natural vegan skincare products for your skin. Especially when it seems that some products like BB creams and CC creams are really quite similar. Well we're here to help you understand how BB creams and CC creams are really entirely different products and when to use a BB cream and when you need to use a CC cream, here we go!

So, the difference between BB and CC creams is this:

CC creams provide light color correcting coverage that instantly evens your skin tone, just like the best primers do! CC stands for “color correcting” and this product has been designed to address issues like redness or dullness in your skin. CC creams are light and a great natural alternative to wearing a full coverage foundation. CC creams are basically tinted moisturizers really, but with a little tiny touch of extra loose powder. CC creams are perfect when when you want a natural light color glow, achieving that no make-up makeup look!

Now BB creams you can think of as being a slightly heavier product than a CC cream. BB stands for 'beauty blemishes' and BB creams are designed specifically to offer you a little more coverage, just like a light foundation with a few skincare benefits thrown in like hydration and some sun protection. BB creams tend to be a little heavier than a tinted CC cream and more into the makeup category. 

Use A CC cream when:

1. You want to achieve a very light coverage or a natural glowing look 

2. You’re not used to wearing heavier makeup

3. You want easy, everyday lightweight color correction coverage, skin hydration and SPF protection all in one ☝️product.

Use a BB cream when you want:

1. More coverage like a light foundation product that will give you a light foundation look covering any beauty blemishes, red spots or dark spots you want to hide.

2. When you want great hydration benefits within a light foundation like product.

3. When you want sun protection and good natural coverage.

Pro tip: you can blend two colors to achieve the exact color you need to match your skin tone. 🦄