How to know which crystals you should get for your new crystal collection?

How to know which crystals you should get for your new crystal collection?

Knowing which crystals to get when you’re just starting out building your crystal collection can be a little bit daunting. The mystical world of crystals is ancient and dare I say it, vast. There are so many wonderfully different crystals to choose from each with their own sacred healing abilities, and crystals come from every corner of the earth! From Brazil and Madagascar, Australia to England,  Utah and Colorado, Asia and the hills of the Yucatan.

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Crystals also come in every kaleidoscope of color! From lavender amethyst to chevron amethyst, from clear deep pink rose quartz to soft colored strawberry quartz like ice cream. From crystal clear quartz to bright yellow citrine like rays of bright sunshine. Smokey quartz that is clear but spookily tainted grey from radiation. Or bright blue aquamarine crystals the color of the bluest waters in Tahiti. Or Howlite crystal which is opaquely bright white with the tiniest little spider veins that almost create what resembles a map like stars that have moved over time in the night sky. And then there are some exquisitely exotic crystals like green aventurine that glistens like wet grass, and turquoise or flower agate which has ancient fossilized flowers trapped inside quartz buried deep underneath the earth.

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It is these unique features and the fact that crystals have been under the earth for millions of years that bestows magical healing energies in the crystals.

So I  wanted to help you decide which crystals you should start out with. How do you know which crystals to get initially? What crystals are the best for emotional healing? Which crystals have healing energy? Does it matter what size crystal, or shape you start out with? Are raw crystals more powerful than say polished crystals? When you begin your crystal collection, let your own intuition guide you, and start with just 2 or 3 crystals initially. Maybe you are drawn to the color of a particular crystal, or maybe you like the brilliant sparkles in another. Let your inner voice guide you. Then research a little which healing properties each crystal has and what you might be needing. So, with that said, these are the 5 best crystals I can recommend you start out with if you wish to meditate with crystals and get good vibes flowing!

  • Rose quartz for self love
  • Clear quartz for clarity and inner peace
  • Amethyst for calming your heart chakra
  • Citrine the sun crystal for energy and high vibrations
  • Flower agate for priming your minds eye