Here’s our top 5 reasons why Vegan skincare is for you!

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Vegan skincare is for you!

As Californians, really since the swinging 60s, being healthy, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking smoothies, and buying products that are cruelty free has been big in our culture for decades! So, if you're a full vegan, vegetarian or just considering the benefits of taking the plunge into the all plant 🌱 based lifestyle, or maybe you’re just looking to be more environmentally conscious you’re probably getting ready to embrace the vegan skincare movement. Deciding not to eat meat is one thing, especially now with impossible burgers 🍔 being the new no meat food trend and there are so other many amazing foods to discover that are Vegan friendly, but this shift also means that many popular skincare products and ingredients that are manufactured in big factories and ingredients like carmine, and lanolin, although they can sometimes be sourced organically and sustainably, are no longer options. 

Vegan skincare is all about clean pure beauty. We celebrate not using any ingredients that are chemical or produced by man in a factory. We celebrate natural ingredients. Straight from Mother Nature. No preservatives. No fillers. No sulphates. Zero nasties. And using glass zero waste jars that can be reused ♻️ again. 

With all the misleading labels and claims out there, we thought it would be helpful to talk about our top 5 reasons why vegan skincare products are the best for healthy glowing skin. 

1. Nutrient rich!
Because we use only plant based ingredients, fruit juices, flowers, herbs and flower waters, these ingredients are packed with potent vitamins and minerals the best that Mother Nature provides! Nothing compares to the dense nutrient rich goodness natural ingredients provide. 

2. Zero chemicals, zero fillers, zero nasties 

Because we don’t substitute our ingredients with chemically manufactured ingredients we let our 100% plant based nutrients do their magic. They’re not diluted down or processed in any way. 

3. Organic cruelty free ingredients 

We only use organic locally grown ingredients to Los Angeles most of which we grow ourselves! Organic ingredients ensure that you know the ingredients in your skincare are as natural as ethically sourced and as healthy for your skin as possible. We grow in our garden Roses, Rosemary, Lemons, Hibiscuses 🌺 , Aloe Vera, Lavender, Blue Agave, Chamomile flowers 🌼, Camellia flowers, Calendula flowers, Sunflowers 🌻 Blue Butterfly flowers, Magnolias, Dandelions, Mint, Ginger, Prickly Pear Cactus and more that are truly potent providing the highest quality ingredients possible. 

4. Great for sensitive skin!!!

If you have sensitive skin, acne breakouts or hormonal skin then vegan skincare is for you! Because the ingredients are nutrient dense their biological plant based goodness tends to be gentler, kinder and healthier for your skin!

5. Longer lasting beauty 

Once you embrace your new vegan skincare products you’ll find that overtime if used daily your skin will look and feel so much firmer plumper and radiant! Plant based skincare is designed not to strip the natural base of your skin, but to work with it. Balance out uneven skin areas and naturally hydrated through the power of plants and flowers. Your skin will naturally be restored to looking and feeling better then ever.