Watercolor crystal poster. 16 healing crystals. Crystal artwork for home or yoga studio! Perfect gift. Signed + dated. Size 8 x 11 inches.


This beautiful watercolor poster print creates positive vibes for any yogi or spiritual seeker looking to bring some love, light and peaceful energy into your home office, study, yoga room or bedroom.

We actually have one in our crystal packing room, and we must admit, it really is a great interior design addition to our room! ;-)

Created by artist Jenay Elder it features 16 of her favorite gemstones and crystals:
Rose quartz, Labradorite, Opal, Moonstone, Quartz, Pyrite, Amethyst, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Fluorite, Selenite, Citrine, Jade, Heliotrope, Lapis Lazuli, Dragonstone

The original artwork was hand-painted and created in Oregon USA.

Poster Size: 8.5x11”.

- Fine Art Print
- Signed and dated
- Printed on gallery quality paper
- Frame not included