Vanilla Chai BB cream. Gentle Vegan Beauty Balm. Nourishing. Aloe. Calendula. Hempseed oil. Sweet Almond oil. Chamomile. Blue Agave. SPF20.


This super nourishing exotic blend of hippie goodness is naturally scented by Vanilla Chai Tea. Infused with cinnamon vanilla and cardamom making it the most grounding good vibes BB cream ever! We wanted to create a natural scent that makes you feel balanced and restored. This is a rich luxurious cream, ideal for all skin types needing a boost of natural color correcting glow + nourishing skin quenching hydration. It also acts as a great all natural primer for our make up groupies out there! Your skin will be restored to feel fresh, youthful and glowing. Chai tea makes the most incredible natural coloring agent, perfect for your skin! 🙃

1.5 oz zero waste glass jar

* Blocks dangerous UV light thanks to 20% natural Zinc Oxide
* Smoothes natural skin tone
* Makes skin glow
* Mineral tinted sheer coverage
* Rich moisturizer

Organic Cacao, Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Sweet Almond oil, Chamomile powder, Chai Tea, organic local Californian Blue Agave and unrefined Hemp seed butter, 20% Zinc Oxide.

This BB cream a.k.a Beauty Balm provides light color correcting coverage that instantly evens your skin tone, hydrates and nourishes just like the best primers do! Also it's super moisturizing with Aloe Vera Butter, Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Sweet Almond oil, Chamomile powder, organic local Californian Blue Agave and unrefined Hemp seed oil. Zinc Oxide provides SPF protection and moisturizes your skin.

This is an gentle BB cream without any essential oils. If you have sensitive, allergy prone skin, this BB cream formula was made for you!!!! BB creams are excellent to get smooth coverage with effective sun protection at the same time. This is perfect for everyday wear since they offer lighter sheer coverage while still nicely evening out skin tone.

After I had my baby, as a Mother I soon realized that my skins chemistry had totally changed. I could not longer use any skin care products that had strong essential oils, chemicals, or potent fragrances. This is the formula I developed for all the Mama bears out there who's skin chemistry changed like mine. This formula is also so gentle that you can use it on your baby's skin, and it has SPF20 protection.

🌱Available in 10 color shades!!!
If you don’t see your color, don’t worry 😉 We have many more colors on our website and we can also magically color match to your fit your exact skin tones just send us a selfie 🤳 info(at) 👏❤️

We use ONLY NATURAL plants 🌱🙌🌸 and ingredients!
This product is a vegan, organic cruelty-free product.
🌈We do not test on animals, they are our friends.
Formulated without alcohol, water, silicone, nuts, gluten, parabens or fragrances.
NON GMO. Fragrance free. Hypoallergenic. Unscented. 

Perfect for AM & PM use.
Apply a 1-2 pumps onto face.
Use alone or under your foundation or other facial SPF moisturizers.
6-12 month shelf life.
Shake bottle well before using.

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🌿Remember, if you’re going to be in direct sunlight, reapply SPF every 2-3 hours!