Turquoise beaded and braided Chakra Bracelet. Crystal healing. 7 inches long. Clarity Bracelet.


Give yourself the healing support you need with crystals and their magical ancient energy to assist your healing.

Turquoise Bracelet.

Natural crystals with solid silver beads. Hand made!

2mm Gemstone crystals with braided cotton.

7 inches long.

🙌 Clarity
❤️ Calming
👏 Healing
🌈 Nurturing

Fully cleansed, charged under the elements and blessed by a Spiritual Healer under the Full Moon.

🙌 Give your healing process a natural boost!

When your bodies Chakra points are balanced one can have a sense of calm, well being and feeling grounded. Our Chakras relate directly to our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing!

🌱 Changing vibrations around your body
🌱 Energizing your soul
🌱 Calming and relaxation
🌱 Centering your soul
🌱 Cleansing and grounding your vibes

C O N N E C T ∙ W I T H ∙ U S

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