Satya incense. 5 different scents to choose from! Patchouli. Dragons Blood. Sandalwood. Positive Vibes. Lavender. Burns 30 mins.


Incense sticks are energy transformers that can be ideal for your crystal cleansing ritual. Your crystals respond to your energy. Using Incense smoke for the cleansing ritual lets positivity flow through the crystal to you, in turn, healing you from within.

Traditional Indian hand-rolled blends of flowers, spices, and resins. Each stick burns for about 30 minutes.

The natural ingredients, herbs, resins are blended to perfection to create a soothing aroma which will enhance any mood or environment.

Price is per one box.

Each box contains approximately 12 sticks.


The energy exuded from Incense smoke can purify a crystal perfectly. It stems from the belief that smoke transforms the energy structure in the crystal breaking through lower vibrational energies such as pessimism or anxiety.

Smudging is the purification of air using smoke from Incense, herbs, or resins to enforce positive energy. Smudge Incenses are energy cleansers.