Read my future 2024 - Tarot reading by expert! Ask us 3 questions!!!


In this reading, I will use the tarot cards to predict what may happen over the next twelve months of your life.

I will pull five cards, exploring in great detail what the cards mean, and what they tell me about you and what is coming up in your future for 2024!!!

📧 Message Hunter here on Etsy with your 3 questions for 2024!!!! After you have placed your order please be sure to include your:
- Name
- Age
- Star sign
- City of birth

All orders are processed within 24 hrs of being received. We take photos of your cards and message you here on Etsy!

My Tarot readings are thorough, extremely detailed, and personal to you, your energy, and your questions.

Tarot Readings are delivered via Etsy Message within 24 hours of purchase.

Tarot cards act as a spiritual compass to find meaning in your life and identify a spiritual path towards healing. We are starting Tarot guided therapy sessions. Guided by Hunter, who has been practicing Tarot for over 20 years, this tarot card session will help you understand an ever present truth you are experiencing and attempting to understand and ultimately heal from.

Using the magical wisdom of the Tarot, we will create a special tarot card session just for you and respond to your 3 questions allowing the universe 🌈 to guide the session.

It could be you are seeking answers and guidance on:
- Divorce
- Separation
- Loss
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Big life changes
- Relationship difficulty
- Marriage issues
- Career advice
- Friendships
- Breaking up
- Social conflict

Tarot can provide an illuminating mirror to reveal who you were, are, and are becoming.

I use a blend of Tarot cards to enhance and deepen our connection to the universe.

If you do not provide any information, I will do a generalised reading that covers all of the topics listed in this description.