Moon journal - be inspired by the lunar cycle to bring your daily journalling guidance and lunar energy flows!


This journal invites readers to create change, set intentions, and manifest more in their daily lives. Whether it be readers wanting to process change more easily in their daily lives or to reflect more deeply on their life’s events, the lunar cycle of the moon 🌙 brings with it many positive energy flows to harness.

Filled with light informative astrological explanations and helpful prompts for guiding reflection based on the moon’s cycle.

Compared to regular journaling, Moon journaling gives you some extra guidance: a schedule to follow and prompts based on the phases of the Moon. It also helps you keep track of when you feel the most powerful or motivated throughout the month. Most importantly, it allows you to work with the universe to thrive.

A journey of self-reflection through the astrological year, this journal sets the moon’s movement to connect readers with nature and encourage reflection on dreams, goals, relationships, and so much more.

Author, Sandra Sitron is an Astrologer and Consulting Hypnotist based in NYC.

192 pages