Hibiscus & Malibu Rose flower powered toner. Face mist. Crystal infused with the five chakra crystals blessed with positive vibes. Made with fresh Hibiscus water, Rose water + Watermelon juice.


Ultimate Malibu Rose + Hibiscus ALL NATURAL face mist toner.

Hibiscus water is known to be nature’s botox! Hibiscuses have great anti-aging benefits because they allow for elastins to build up in the skin! Hibiscuses are also loaded with vitamin C, which is vital for collagen production, YAY!

🤍crystal infused

Packed with just THREE ingredients: Hibiscus water, Rose Water & Watermelon juice all of which are grown locally. Hibiscus water is a powerful natural moisturizer because it contains a lot of ‘mucilage’, which is a viscous fluid found in plants that is ideal for smoothing your skin.

It doesn’t get more pure than this perfect toner to mist your face in the AM + PM.

🌈 Soothes and smoothes your skin
❤️ Packed with natural antioxidants
🌴 Hibiscus water is considered nature's botox ideal to plump your skin
🌱 Ideal for aging, mature and dry skin needing some flower power plumping!
🌈 Perfect to use under your makeup, or over your makeup to give your skin a glowing dewy look.
🌹Roses are ancient flowers used by the ancient Egyptians & Greeks to symbolize love, purity & femininity.
Roses have the highest vibration out of all flowers and are therefore can get your good vibes rolling! They are also amazing healers! A symbol of love, passion, and peace. But did you know that roses 🌹 are the most high vibrational flowers? The subtle bio-energy that flows through all living things, “chi” can be measured in Hertz. And pure extracts from rose can measure as much as 5 times higher as those from her sister plants!

Ingredients: Malibu Red rose water, Malibu red hibiscus water, watermelon juice, blue agave serum.

Shelf life: 6 months - best stored in the fridge.

4 oz bottle with blessed Balinese crystals: rose quartz, citrine, blue agate & aventurine.

🌈 Recommended for all skin types

Scent: Soft gentle Rose.

This product is a vegan, cruelty-free product. We do not test on animals, they are our friends. Formulated without alcohol, silicone, nuts, gluten, and fragrance.

Hibiscus flowers are jam packed with elastins, antioxidants, and AHAs. Hibiscus flowers have great anti-aging benefits because they maintains elastin in the skin by decreasing the activity of elastase, an enzyme that breaks down our skin’s natural elastin. Hibiscus is also loaded with vitamin C, which is vital for collagen production and lets face it, we all need a little extra collagen in our lives!!!

🌹 Rose water is famous for it's hydrating and soothing vitamins, as well as being a timeless natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent, rose water is one of those ultimate beauty powerhouses. A rose is the symbol of the soul. The seat of the soul is the heart which is not the organ but the subtle center of our being. Roses symbolize the life-giving core of our being. Roses throughout time have also symbolized love and passion. Since ancient times, roses have symbolized mystical powers at work around us.

Made in sunny ☀️ LA ☀️in small batches by our local skin botanist.

We use ONLY NATURAL plants 🌱🙌🌸 and ingredients! This product is a vegan, organic cruelty-free product. 🌈We do not test on animals, they are our friends. Formulated without alcohol, water, silicone, nuts, gluten, parabens or fragrances.