Heart Chakra Bracelet. Green Gemstone Harmonizing energy. Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase, Jade Aventurine & Amazonite. Uplifting. Offers Peace


Heart Chakra Green Gemstones Bracelet. Vibrates energy, love and compassion. Provides emotional balance, security & inner peace.

Handmade, full moon cleansed and blessed.

🙌Opens the heart chakra
❤️Provides protection
👏Offers inner peace
❤️Increase love and serenity

Jade as a chakra gemstone increases love, serenity and abundance.

Amethyst as a chakra gemstone, offers protection & stability.

Aventurine as a chakra gemstone naturally harmonizes your soul.

Rose quartz as a chakra gemstone, provides emotional balance, security & peace.

Amazonite as a chakra gemstone is highly attuned to the heart chakra.


🌈 Fully cleansed, charged under the elements and blessed by an Indonesian Spiritual Healer under the Full Moon in Bali Indonesia.

🙌 Give your healing process a natural boost!

When your bodies Chakra points are balanced one can have a sense of calm, well being and feeling grounded. Our Chakras relate directly to our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing!

🌱 Changing vibrations around your body
🌱 Energizing your soul
🌱 Calming and relaxation
🌱 Centering your soul
🌱 Cleansing and grounding your vibes

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