Fluffy Flight essentials - Luxe Flying Accessories Kit. Self warm eye cover, socks. Liquid IV. Aromatherapy mist! Sleep soundly. Ear plugs.


We’ve partnered with a new local LA brand……… Introducing the Long Haul Queen - Sleep Flying Accessories Kit!

Just in time for the holiday travel season!

The Long Haul Queen 👑Sleep kit includes: 
* 1 x pair of fluffy one sized airplane ✈️ socks 
* 1 x silk furry pink sleep eye cover
* 1 x silicon ear 👂 plugs
* 1 x self warming eye mask
* 1 x pack of 9 Melatonin Olly award winning Blackberry sleep gummies, to let you relax on the plane and snooze all the way to your destination!
* 1 x Pack of 3 x Liquid IV sachets - to keep your cells supercharged hydrated and nourished on your long flight.
* 1 x Relaxing Aromatherapy ✨ Pillow spray - freshen up the cabin air with a few fresh pumps of Lavender & Chamomile spray to gentle scent the air around you. 
1 x flying crystals 💎 kit amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz to keep your chakras zen and revitalized on your long flight ✈️

We've got everything you need to transform your flight into a luxurious experience!

All comes in the cutest Long Haul Queen monogramed gift bag 🛍️ easy to carry cotton 100% vegan cotton bag! 

If you’d like a special monogram we can personalize for a gift, just tell us the initials you’d like on your dust bag at checkout.

This makes for the perfect travel gift for the holiday season, as we travel across continents to visit family and friends for the festive season!

Presenting our very first Long Haul Queen Ultimate Flying Kit collaboration.

Our Long Haul Queen 👑 Flying Kit has been meticulously designed to nail all five, so you will sleep soundly like a baby all the way to your dream destination! 

This is the perfect overnight flying pack of flight accessories you'll need to make your flight feel like the ultimate flying experience. We're here to get you feeling comfy, warm and super relaxed about your next big long flight abroad! The key to being comfortable on a long flight, is preparation! Soooo we've done all of the hard work for you, and pack up the very best, the newest, the most luxe flying accessories to make you feel like Royalty on your next long haul flight. Paris, Rome, Sydney, New York, Vancouver, London, Barcelona, Athens, Dublin, or Dubai, the key to a comfortable relaxing long overnight flight comes down to these five things:

1.Hydration 💧

2. Warmth 🥰

3. Relaxation ✌️

4. Comfort 👌

5. Sleep 😴

Whether you're embarking on a long-haul adventure or a quick hop across the continent, our Long Haul Queen Flying kit will have you feeling like royalty from take off to touch down. 

So sit back, relax, and let the Long Haul Queen take care of you, because even at 30,000 feet, you deserve to be treated like a queen!

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Long Haul Queen Flight Kit here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1609413757/long-haul-queen-carry-on-flying