Evil eye bracelet.


Evil eye 🧿 protection bracelet. Handmade in sunny Los Angeles California.

Comes in these colors:

These cute bracelets come in a cute gift bag making them the perfect cute gift 💝 for
someone special ☀️

Mix and match, you can wear more than one! ☝️

Adjustable nylon cord makes these bracelets fit just about any size wrist. they are also waterproof so you don’t have to take them off when showering or at the beach 🏝️

People wear amulets to ward off the evil eye and protect themselves today, just as they did thousands of years ago. Evil eye amulets are often blue, in the shape of an eye, and are known as nazar, which translates from Arabic as "sight and attention." By wearing or displaying the evil eye, individuals seek spiritual and psychological protection to ward off spirits that may be lurking nearby.

The meaning behind the evil eye is the belief that someone can have power over you or cause you harm, and wearing an evil eye talisman can be a way to protect yourself. Today, you’ll see these amulets worn by people of all ages as jewelry, on clothing, or even used as decor for protection around the home. The concept of the evil eye is thousands of years old, and is based on the idea that someone has put a spell or curse on you.

The evil eye is a belief that the eyes can cause harm with a glance holding a bad intention. The most frequently given form of the evil eye comes from jealousy, but it can also be caused by greed, anger, blame, resentment, hostility, contempt, malice, ill will, or even just an awareness of inequality, leaving harm or destructiveness in its wake.