Crystal water bottles: clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. Good vibes hydration, just in time for summer!


Crystal water bottles! The water in our body has always been infused by own thoughts and emotions. It has always been this way. While it is of great value to develop positive/healthy thinking patterns, crystal-infusion is a powerful way to support ourselves using our own drinking water.

3 different crystals to choose from:

Clear quartz
Rose quartz

Crystal-infused water is water charged by the power of crystal stone and conscious intention, such as in yoga meditations. By placing a crystal stone in a bottle, it gives back its accumulated energy into the water you drink. Hydration and Healing Energy - that’s the combo we like! Each crystal has a unique power: some lower the levels of stress, some improve creativity, others are good in balancing emotions, and so on.

“After using my crystal water bottle for two weeks, I felt calmer, much more relaxed. I didn’t notice any wow effect, though. But if you are a very negative, impulsive or aggressive person, you’ll need more than just a gem water bottle,” - says Rebeca Lopez, a blogger from the USA.

The science behind it started with the discovery that water has memory. The molecular structure of water changes with what it comes in touch with, even thoughts and emotions (see the studies of Dr. Emoto). Since our body is practically made of water, our thoughts and emotions are directly affecting our body and its health from day one. By infusing our drinking water in contact with the positive healing powers of crystals we get a chance to radically change our own body from within.