Blue calcite double pointed crystals. 2 inches. Grade A quality. Made in Los Angeles. Calming stone that invokes a calm, serene energy.


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Blue calcite is a calming crystal ideal for meditation and healing. Blue Calcite soothes tense nerves and helps to relieve your anxiety. It is considered to be a gentle stone to use when recuperating.

Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing away built up energies.

Blue Calcite is a calming stone that invokes a calm, serene energy. It assists to lessen our anxieties and relax our frayed nerves.

Aligned with our Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite encourages us to communicate in a peaceful, clear tone.

🤍Comes is a cute gift 💝 box and pure linen crystal carrying pouch!

Double Terminated crystal points are able to transmit and receive energy from both terminations and represent balance and remind us of the need to both give and take.

Double Terminated points can be used to facilitate deep meditation states, vivid dream states and expand conscious awareness. ✨🙌

Crystals can also be used as a dreamcatcher. These crystals are works of art that are so beautiful that you would never guess that their primary function is to keep harmful or evil energies at bay. By placing it in your bedroom you can experience a good night sleep and keep negative energy away from you.

The crystals you see in the photos are the exact ones☝️you will receive.

We collect only the highest quality crystals sourced from ethically mined suppliers designed to bring daily blessings of purity love and peace ✌️ into your life.

We moon 🌝 cleanse our crystals under the light of a full moon 🌕 in a water💧bath to purify their energies ready for your own personal use. Moon cleansing your crystals is said to restore their energies and charge their magical properties so they are ready for your meditation and crystal healing rituals.

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