Organic gentle Chamomile Jojoba Aloe Vera Sea buckthorn cream.


If you have sensitive, allergy prone skin, this 100% Natural sunscreen formula was made for you!!!! Also it’s super moisturizing with Aloe Vera Butter, Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Sweet Almond oil, Chamomile powder, organic local Californian Bee Pollen and unrefined Hemp seed oil. Zinc Oxide provides SPF protection and moisturizes your skin. This is an unscented completely natural gentle face moisturizer. It’s an all in one Sunscreen and moisturizer made without any essential oils or fragrances.

Organic Aloe Butter, organic Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Sweet Almond oil, Chamomile powder, organic local Californian Bee Pollen and unrefined Hemp seed butter, 20% Zinc Oxide.

Comes in:
🌈 2 oz glass jar - zero waste container

* Blocks dangerous UV light thanks to 20% natural Zinc Oxide
* Makes skin glow
* Rich in plant 🌱 powered antioxidants
* Intense moisturizer
* Natural sunscreen
* Non-nano natural sunscreen
* Rich in potent plant powered vitamins

We use totally organic natural luxury ingredients, so you don't have to worry about your skin reacting badly or breaking out! Goodbye 👋 chemicals! Goodbye 👋 fake stuff! After I had my baby, as a Mother I soon realized that my skins chemistry had totally changed. I could not longer use any skin care products that had strong essential oils, chemicals, or potent fragrances. This is the formula I developed for all the Mama bears out there who's skin chemistry changed like mine. This formula is also so gentle that you can use it on your baby's skin, and it has SPF20 protection.

Zinc oxide is a type of mineral, which was approved as an effective sunscreen by the FDA. We use zinc oxide in this CC Sun Cream because high zinc oxide content makes this cream perfect for protecting skin from the sun. Zinc is also great for sensitive troubled prone skin types. Sea buckthorn oil from the Himalayas is rich in many vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. Its packed with antioxidants, which help protect your body against aging and illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Sea buckthorn oil provides all four omega fatty acids — omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 👏


This is an entirely natural product, we hand make all of the oils and infuse them with the calendula and chamomile flowers ourselves! This cream does need a few minutes to soak into your skin, you'll see that you have to rub it in some, to let your skin truly absorb this cream. So just hang ten, and let the magic happen!

Zero nasty chemicals, synthetics or parabens.
Made in sunny ☀️ LA ☀️in small batches by our local skin botanist.
We use ONLY NATURAL plants 🌱🙌🌸 and ingredients!
This product is a vegan, organic cruelty-free product.
🌈We do not test on animals, they are our friends.
Formulated without alcohol, water, silicone, nuts, gluten, parabens or fragrances.
NON GMO. Fragrances.

Perfect for AM & PM use.
Apply a 1-2 pumps onto face.
Use alone or under your foundation or other facial SPF moisturizers.
6-12 month shelf life.
Shake bottle well before using.


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Please note 📝 that due to maintaining the highest personal hygiene standards we possibly can, we can not accept any products back into our store. The COVID pandemic has made us all become super vigilant about respecting personal health, and the highest hygiene standards possible.

🌿Remember, if you’re going to be in direct sunlight, reapply SPF every 2-3 hours!

FACE the VIBES is a real skincare company making real products for real humans. Not models, or people with pixel perfect skin. Cause out here in the real world, they don’t exist.
🇺🇸 We are California natives.
❤️ Passionate about nature.
🌎 We care about the planet, and leaving it better for our future generations to come.
🌱 We are dedicated environmentalists and started developing natural skincare formulas when pregnant with our first baby. We want only 100% natural skin products. As organic as possible.
We designed a totally 👏 100% natural organic plant 🌱 powered new skincare range to specifically target dry aging skin in need of a complete surge of moisture!
Let’s FACE aging together and embrace natural skincare that truly makes skin feel super nourished, hydrated and protected from harsh environmental stresses.

C O N N E C T ∙ W I T H ∙ U S

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