The RAINBOW Heart Tarot Card Deck!


The 78-card Rainbow Heart Tarot Deck features retro-inspired illustrations painted with love in Portland. This 3.5x5” deck is printed on 400 gsm stock with a matte finish and stunning rainbow holographic silver edges. We found it super cute 🥰 to connect with and very comfortable to use.

Rachel Rosenkoetter’s tarot cards artwork reflects a fascination with magic, mysticism, the natural world and popular culture. Utilizing digital and traditional media from acrylic gouache to vector graphics, she creates playful, colorful images and installations that evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia. Rosenkoetter is a founding member of Killjoy Collective and the creator of the Rainbow Heart Tarot.

The tarot cards come in a fully lidded box packed with a 24-page full-color booklet featuring succinct key words and interpretations for each card. The Rainbow Heart Tarot is a Rider-Waite clone deck consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards divided into the 4 classic suits. Illustrated by hand by Rachel Rosenkoetter. Rachel Rosenkoetter is a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer living in Portland, OR & Kansas City, MO. Born and raised in MO, Rosenkoetter received her BFA in Painting from Missouri State University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art.