Same hour love reading! Same day Tarot. Love psychic reading.


We randomly select your cards and crystals - let the universe guide you!

Same day: we can take a picture of your cards and message you here on Etsy - before we mailed out your cards to you in the post 🙃

We use a variety of tarot card decks and oracle cards including
Rider Wright - the traditional one ☝️
Moon 🌙 Oracle - follows the moon cycle
Fairy affirmations - fairy mantras
Spirit Daughter deck - spirit mantras
Modern Witch
Calm the Chaos deck
so no card or mix will ever be the same! 🧘‍♀️

If you are new to meditation 🧘‍♀️ using tarot cards can be a great way to start! They give you permission to sit still in peace, alone, in the quiet 🤫 and time to reflect on your life in a guided way. They give you sacred space, allowing you to create a daily ritual for you time! They give you permission to reflect on your life and try to travel inwards to reflect.

You can select:
1 card & 1 crystal
2 cards & 2 crystals
3 cards & 3 crystals
4 cards & 4 crystals
5 cards & 5 crystals

Raw crystals may include:
rose quartz
clear quartz
green phantom quartz
lavender quartz
blue lapis
tigers eye
blue apatite
purple & green fluorite,
watermelon fluorite
sodalite ‘moon crystal’
cherry blossom agate
blue lace agate
green moss agate

We shuffle all the decks one at a time, and for every order and place all the decks face down, then select one card from each deck allowing the universe to truly guide us!

I consider tarot as a valuable form of meditation and reflection on the present moment. It gives me valuable insights, helps me to understand what I need to do in a particular situation. and enables me to connect with my inner wisdom.

It gives me insight to past, current, and future events based on my current path at the time of the reading. The cards will determine the best course of action based on what is known and what the cards show.

I believe in the healing ❤️‍🩹 powers of raw crystals! Raw stones are just that, raw, untouched, untreated, and found just the way you’d find them if you were to pull them out from the Earth yourself. They can vary from small almost gravel-like size to large natural formations. Since they are raw they’re slightly more fragile (especially softer stones) in this state. Some people believe that raw stones have more of a pure energy, since they have been untouched and unchanged. They are my preferred state for crystals personally, especially when it comes to smaller ones. The rough texture and shape just gives me happy feels when I’m holding one. Seeing all the ridges, markings, colour variations, and simply the way they feel is so amazing to me. Seriously, this planet that we stand on is super cool 😎

Mystery Tarot and Raw Crystals pull by Hunter - let the universe guide you. Select: 1 - 5 cards.