Amethyst crystal healing candle.


Amethyst Aromatherapy crystal healing ❤️‍🩹candle 🕯️ Third Eye 👁️ and psychic powers ✨crystal meditation 🧘‍♀️

12 oz

100% natural

100% organic soy wax

Each order is freshly made with love 💕 and care by us right here in ☀️ Los Angeles.

These Aromatherapy crystal candles are the ideal crystal gift to yourself, your best friends, ypur boyfriend, your yoga teacher, your boss, your Mom or your Mother in law.

We have 9 different scents that you can choose from:
1. Chamomile and Sage 🍃
2. Lavender and Sweet fennel 🌱
3. Chamomile, Lavender and basil 🌿
4. Rose 🌹and Chamomile flower🌼
5. Rose 🌹
7. Lavender
8. Chamomile and Calendula
9. Hibiscus 🌺 & Lavender

12 oz candle (100ml) burns for approximately 20 hrs 🕯️

100% vegan 🌱 organic soy wax

zero preservatives

zero nasties

zero synthetics

we oil 100% natural oils and perfumes that are gentle even for the fussiest of noses 👃

100% natural

We are so honored that you allow us to let love ❤️and light 🌙 into your life through the magic of crystals 💎 we love putting these Self love 💕 boxes together for you and we love being a part of your crystal collection.

We moon 🌝 cleanse our crystals under the light of a full moon 🌕 in a water 💧 bath to purify their energies ready for your own personal use. Moon cleansing your crystals is said to restore their energies and charge their magical properties so they are ready for your meditation and crystal healing rituals.

We collect only the highest quality crystals sourced from sunny Utah, Colorado, Arizona and ethically mined and ethically sourced global suppliers in Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar designed to bring daily blessings of purity love and peace ✌️ into your life.

Each crystal is hand selected by Hunter and tenderly cared for. We consider our crystal collection to be truly sacred and precious, every one is truly a unique example of Mother Nature’s divine beauty.

All of our crystals are of the highest quality and ethically sourced 💎⛏✨💛Ethically sourced crystals means that we know which mines they come from or who owns the mines.

We know firsthand that the miners and polishers are treated fairly, paid fairly, and provided PPE. No children are used in the labor process.

How can you tell the difference between a real crystal and a fake ‘man made/ lab grown’ crystal? These are 7 classic tell tale signs your crystal is a fake:
Simply inspect your crystal and look for signs of:
1. too much perfection
2. too much of a saturated color
3. signs the stone has been dyed like water marks
4. no obvious natural signs like grains or itty bitty flecks of other minerals within the stone
5. un-natural colors that just don’t seem real
6. patterns that are too symmetrical and too precise
7. authenticity of the seller
Authentic crystals grow deep underground, underwater, or in darkness for thousands and even millions of years. They soak up the energies of creation all around them for longer than we can imagine before finally making their way to the surface and enriching our lives.

The authenticity of your crystals is so important. It’s what gives your crystals their special healing ❤️‍🩹 energies and universal connection to our divine Mother Nature.

However, many people try to cheat the system and abuse your trust by making counterfeit copies of crystals. These man made crystals are fake crystals that simply do not contain the same healing qualities. Although synthetic crystals do have the same chemical make up as authentic crystals, they are grown in laboratories using chemical pollutants and industrial processes that allow the crystals to form in lightning-fast.

Ships in 1-2 business days in a recycled ♻️ zero waste cardboard box 📦

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