Hackmanite 6mm crystal bracelet. Bringer of goddess vibes!


Hackmanite helps grant one access to their crown chakra while enhancing their mental capabilities. One will be able to see the strength that the human mind possesses, which can lead them to the gateway of higher knowledge. This elevated knowledge is from celestial beings in addition to one’s own spirit guides and guardian angels.

Hackmanite is a glow in the dark crystal, when placed under a UV light, watch the magical properties glow ✨

This is a listing for 1 crystal 💎 bracelet.

The mineral features vibrations of high frequency, which have a positive effect on the growth of awareness and personal evolution of its owner. The magical properties of hackmanite are associated with gaining balance, spiritual development, inner freedom, and joy. Hackmanite is able to cleanse the biofield and remove unpleasant thoughts. This property can be useful for people who want to get rid of obsessive thoughts and ideas.

Apart from that, the mineral helps people who want to find self-love and increase self-esteem. It dispels doubts and fears, and also aids to move towards the intended goal more confidently. The mineral, as it were, allows you to become an observer of your actions, and if you need to make a decision, it lets you see unexpected and even creative alternatives. In terms of interaction with others, the stone helps gain trust, mercy, and forgiveness. It is beneficial to judgmental or guilty individuals.

The messages you receive may be bleak and confusing, but working with Hackmanite will help you learn the “language of the gods”. This special mineral helps one not only decode the imagery within their own visions, but also the symbolism in one’s nightly dreams. These are signs pointing you in the direction that your soul desires.

By nature, humans are caught up in daily distractions, which only push one further away from achieving their dreams. However, Hackmanite works to help one prioritize what’s most important to them and how they should go about achieving it.