Here are some fun flower facts about why we love Magnolias & Roses!

Here are some fun flower facts about why we love Magnolias & Roses!

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🌸 This is quite possibly my number one reason why I love Magnolia flowers, they are believed to have existed since the beginning of time. Wow, so they are like as old as the Dinosaurs, as old as the stars in the sky! Magnolias also symbolize longevity and perseverance.

🌸 Magnolia's also only flower once a year, usually in the late winter, early Springtime. We have been sooooo busy harvesting and infusing as many as we can for the year ahead. 

🌸 Magnolias can also represent nobility, love for nature, femininity and beauty. A magnolia flower in Ancient China symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life. White magnolias symbolize purity and dignity. White magnolias also represent the moon, any lunar goddess and for spells cast on Monday’s.

🌸 Magnolias are thought to be one of the first flowering plants to evolve on Earth. According to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, fossil remains show that magnolias were around some for 100 million years. Basically all magnolias follow the same blueprint.

🌸 Ancient magnolias are still recognizable today as magnolias. Therefore, a magnolia means stability and grace through the ever changing ages.

🌸 Magnolias are the official state flower of Mississippi 

🌸 Magnolia trees can live to be hundreds of years old! 

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🌹 A rose is the symbol of the soul. The seat of the soul is the heart which is not the organ but the subtle center of our being.

🌹Roses symbolize the life-giving core of our being.

🌹Roses throughout time have also symbolized love and passion. Since ancient times, roses have symbolized mystical powers at work around us. The intricate and elegant rose offers a glimpse of a powerful majestic active presence in our souls, ever changing.

🌹As a rose blooms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers (an illustration of how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people’s lives). The strong, sweet scent of a rose brings to mind the powerful sweetness of love, which is the essence of spiritual forces at work.

🌹 In ancient Greece, and in Roman times following, the Romans used roses to symbolize Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love. Used for hundreds of years to carry hidden unspoken messages, roses also represent confidentiality.

🌹Rose symbolism in Persian poetry is breathtaking. The Persians used the “rose and nightingale” to explain the central theme of Sufism: Divine Love. In Persian literature the rose symbolizes beauty and the nightingale is the lover of beauty. Sufi loves God as a nightingale loves a rose. The lover wants to be one with the Beloved. The soul yearns for the ultimate union with God.

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